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About me

Hello and welcome to my sanctuary. I’m Asil, a Sudanese born, naturalized Canadian, raised in Dubai, and university educated in Montreal, Canada.  An environmental consultant by profession, at the moment, I am a full-time house wife, mommy of one beautiful little girl, blogger and occasional diver, currently residing in Cairo, Egypt since January 2014. I am also a food network-taught cook (who nurtures an abiding passion for Italian cuisine), a budding gardener, a lover of yoga and good books. I’m at my happiest in my kitchen making things from scratch while listening to music, sitting in my garden (any garden, actually) with a cup of coffee in hand, or looking out at the sea or under it (snorkelling or diving). If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I initially started this blog (previously called to document my experiences in this chaotic nation, my love-hate relationship with it and the lessons learnt along the way.

So why rename it “The Bountiful Now”?

Well, for one thing, I won’t be living in Egypt forever and I would rather not have my blog associated solely with the place that I currently live in. But also, and more importantly, for all of 2016, I’ve been feeling a little lost (what with struggling with and being completely overwhelmed with new motherhood in a foreign country etc). It was at the lowest point in my life that I realized that the only way out of it is through. So instead of waiting for this journey to be over, I decided to embrace it, honor it, and enjoy the scenic route to where ever “there” is. To live it, feel it, appreciate all that it has to offer. And write about it, vocalizing whatever I am feeling on any given day, with humility and hopefully, some eloquence. By embracing the challenges I was facing, I discovered nuggets of joy. That is the gift, the bounty of the now. It brought me back to writing, to healing, to myself.

This blog is the story of my unassuming life in the bountiful now captured through the medium of words and pictures. There will be a little bit of everything: my experiences here in Egypt (at least for now), my travels abroad, cooking, gardening, beauty and lifestyle tips, some poetry, reflections on motherhood, random ramblings and rants.

Whoever you may be, I hope you enjoy your stay in the home that I have made in the bountiful now.