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My Poetry Series

For the past couple of years, I have been working on a series of illustrations based on lines from my poems. I take a line from a poem I wrote and I create an illustration based on that line with that particular quote written in brush lettering style as part of the illustration. I have only done around 3 so far but more will be coming soon.

"May you walk through gardens". This is a line from a poem I wrote for my daughter called "To my daughter on her third year of life". I wrote the poem at a very turbulent time in both our lives and I remember when I was living in Egypt and I was at my lowest, my patio garden gave me a sanctuary and a sense of accomplishment. The illustration is a mixed media piece where I used watercolors, acrylics and gouache.

"You have everything"- This is from a poem called "First love". It is mostly a watercolor piece where I used salt sprinkled on the watercolor background to achieve the granular effect. The brush lettering was done with a masking fluid.

"You are the love of your own life". This line is from a poem called "Note to my younger self". I did three versions of this. The first one, which actually sold, was quick illustration on my sketchbook. The other 2 were adapted from it. Watercolor with brush pen.


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