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Asil Rashid

About me

Hello world! Welcome back to my blog. I'm Asil (pronounced Aseel). It has been a dramatic past couple of years and my head is still spinning from all the changes that have taken place in my life. Some good, some not so good. Or rather, I've tried to tease out the good from the bad. And if anything, that is the overall theme of this blog. Rejoicing in the bountiful now, which has never carried more meaning for me than at this present stage of my life.

This new blog will be about me finding meaning and empowerment post-marriage, post-motherhood and post-divorce, and finding purpose and bliss beyond my circumscribed role in society of mother, sister, daughter. It is my safe space, my happy place, where I will be indulging in two of my favourite things in life: writing and art. There will be reflections on motherhood, women’s roles in society, health and wellness, and snippets of everyday life. Other things you can expect from this blog are: lots of artsy stuff (paintings, sketches, and other creative endeavours that I happen to embark on), since art in all its glorious forms have become such an important part of my life; my poetry and of course, food!! So I hope you join me in celebrating     

the bountiful now…

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